Here are some links that are not really related to math, but fun to share!

Kid Prez: 20 Things We Should Say More Often

This guy is Awesome.

Balancing Act

Journey of the Guitar Solo

YouTube Video

Star Wars SNL Commercial

Fresh Prince Theme after Google Translator

Awareness Test

Human Jukebox

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Matrix Ping Pong

Click this link for a short activity about gratitude.
A quirky Website with funny videos.  It hasn't been updated in a while, but it is still fun to look around.
Want to know more about Mrs. Dorsing's band?  Check it out here.
Dorsing Farms is owned and operated by some of Mr. Dorsing's cousins.    They own Royal Ridge Fruits in Washington State.  
If you shop at Costco, pick up some Stoneridge Orchards dried fruit.  You are almost guaranteed to eat fruit grown on Dorsing Farms.  It is packaged and distributed through Dorsing Farms.  Mr. Dorsing's cousin Bryce kind of runs this operation.
Click this link to design a custom mustang!

Click here to see how they are building the actual USS Enterprise.

What would it look like if the Empire attacked Los Angeles?