Sub Plans

Hello.  Today - September 10th, 2014, please have 5th period Intermediate Algebra watch the video below.  Hand out the white note guide that follows the video for students to take notes.  YOU WILL NEED TO MONITOR AND PAUSE IT ALONG THE WAY TO ALLOW STUDENTS TO WRITE AND TAKE NOTES.  

We began this lesson yesterday, but I want to allow for one more day to master the topic.

After the video, please hand out the Boss-Secretary - ONE PAPER PER 2 students.  Students will work in their vertical partners - they should remember what this is.  Partner A tells Partner B what to write for problem #1.  When finished, they switch papers and Partner B tells Partner A what to write for #2.  They do this until the WS is finished.  I left an answer key for you to check their work as you walk around.  

When students finish the Boss Secretary, tell them they need to work on any missing HW assignments.  There is no new assignment.  Students have the following to work on:  Blue Substitution WS, Green graphing WS, and a book assignment.  I left extras for you in case a student needs one.