Here is some personal info about me, your teacher!
    Elizabeth Ann Dorsing
    August 12th
    Augsburg, Germany (on a military base)

I am married with THREE boys!
    My husband and I have been married since 2005.  We have three boys - Nathen, Jesse, and Andrew.  They are pretty great...and they are well educated about Star Wars.  

Favorite TV Shows
Image result for dancing with the Stars

    Dancing with the Stars, Blacklist, Daredevil, Madam Secretary, Star Trek ,The Office,...
Favorite Movies
    Star Wars (IV and VII are my favs, then VI), Hunger Games, All Marvel Movies, The Sound of Music, ...and many more.
Favorite Books
    Hunger Games Trilogy, To Kill and Mockingbird, Ender's Game, The Martian, Unbroken.

I am in a band!
  It's called 100 White Flags.  I play the guitar and I sing lead vocals.  It's a lot of fun.  We don't really play a whole lot because we all have kids and day jobs, but we get to play on weekends from time to time.  We have 2 albums on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. 
 I play a 72' reissue Fender Thinline Telecaster and an Epiphone Les Paul.  Personally, I feel thathe only way to play a guitar is through a tube amp, but you are allowed to disagree,...I won't hold it against you...much.